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WOW AMAZING! Since purchasing the Domination Website Page, I got over 300 opt-ins, and over 100 new members and all I do is promote my link. I feel that this is the BEST marketing website on the Internet. The site is fully automated and it sends the "free information" about ONPASSIVE, for me. Yeah, it works!
I'm a Dominator... Esquire, USA
The Domination Website Page is every recruiter's dream. I got 3 opt-ins and a new member almost instantly! What a conversation rate! I am going to promote my DSP Link harder! What a Team! Team Edwards Domination!
​I'm a Dominator... Carol, USA
​​​The Domination Website Page has been very effective for me. After running two campaigns, I've received 65 opt -ins and one member sign-up. I truly believe that after ONPASSIVE Launches, those opt-ins will turn into Gold!
​I'm a Dominator.... Charles, USA 
My name is Jerry, a Global Leading Founder with ONPASSIVE / GoFounders. Dane T. Edwards the designer of the Domination Website Page makes it so strong on getting people to opt in. I have now have over 450 opt ins and today I had 45 and had 3 sign-ups with 3 or 4 more coming in. The Domination Website Page is STRONG! My opt-ins increased 150% since I got it. I know with his unique special info page updates", I'll more sign-ups!
I'm a Dominator.... Jerry, USA​​
I got 67 opt ins, 2 sign-ups and 6 pending. This was achieved by using the Domination Website Page and all of this happened in the last 2 weeks of getting started! I feel confident, these opt-ins will join. If you want to do your own promotion to quickly build your ONPASSIVE Business; the DSP will do it for you! Thanks Dane for Creating & Developing this Awesome Marketing Tool! If you want guaranteed Sign-Ups... Order it.
​I'm a Dominator... John, USA
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