We originally joined GDI back in August 2004, and this is when we first started working online as "Newbies". We did not know what the heck we were doing, we did not know how to recruit, did not know how to work online. So, like most people, we got frustrated and dropped out! Real stupid move on our part.

Since we re-joined on 10/4/2017, our Action Power Team has EXPLODED with 765 People as of today who have watched and joined through our "Free Team Video Page". We call it the  "Free Team Video", because this video is FREE for ALL of our Team Members!

Together we have personally referred over 200 people so far in GDI and all we do was show our "Free Team Video Page"! You get 7 Days Free Risk Trial and then you only pay $10 Bucks Per Month! All of our Team Members just show this "Free Team Video Page" to everyone that they know and this is the reason why our "Team" is growing so fast.

What is the Huge difference now, compared to when we originally joined back in 2004, which is 13 years ago? We're experienced Online Networker Marketers, and with using our "Free Team Video" and helping our members to succeed, is the Key Secret To Our Success.

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Dane & Darius Edwards GDI Story
Dane's Short GDI Video Testimony